Yes, I play World of Tanks and I primarily play Tank Destroyers. Recently finished the fun T49 slog to get the M18 Hellcat. I also have that PzKpfw IV Schmalturm, which has medium tank armor, medium tank speed and a freakin’ Panther turret. Basically it’s a tank that thinks it’s a tank destroyer.

When I showed this comic to my best friend he said, “Only military historians, World of Tanks players and Paladin crews will get the joke.” I called BS on that. AS-90 crews would get it too.

On another odd note, the coffee shop in the background is Cafe de Cafe, which was the setting for the first Comfortably Numb comic strip and many of the early strips. It has not been an active part of the comic for years so I was happy to use this strip as an excuse to bring it and it’s proprietor Saff back. Originally the strip was going to be set at the radio station but wanted a break from using that location.