Welcome to the prologue for the Wayfarers. This will be a special comic, like Red Skirts, featuring our usual cast in a new scenario.

This prologue takes place ten year before the main story line and is critical to both the overall world story and the personal story of one of our main characters. The Great War in Wayfarers went on more than three times longer than the real one and this has led to drastic action around the world as great powers have had to use every last resource available to win or at least come out less losing. The Great War and its ending will be talked about a bit further in a later prologue comic.

The aircraft seen here are Caudron G.4 bombers, one of which can be seen at the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy center.

This was created as a Red Skirts replacement as I liked writing and drawing those comics, but wanted to work in my own universe. I combined several interest and came up with this. It’s not a replacement for the regular comic but more of a supplemental idea to be played with from time to time. I greatly underestimated how much work it would take to create it. I planned to do one page a week, like the strips but that was impossible. Between work and my writing (www.wayfarerdaves.com) trying to finish full color comic pages became something that happened when it happened.