Our first official in-story glimpse of Tenggara Tidaka and Rin Matsuura.

“Atsuka” is the Sasebo dialect of Japanese for “hot.” She’s using a local dialect instead of standard Japanese for a few reasons. During this time period television is not widespread and people tended not to travel much, so reasonably Rin would speak a localized version of the language as that’s all she would hear every day from the people around her. It’s also a way to set her apart from other Japanese-speakers in the story.

The Matsuura last name goes along with this as Matsuura is the name both a local park and railway and the Matsuura clan ruled Sasebo from nearby Hirado for centuries.

This section of piers and warehouses in Tenggara Tidaka is leased to the Republic by their allies and is modeled on a few locations. The red brick warehouses are in real life Commander U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo, the former Imperial Japanese Navy Sasebo Navy Base, built in the late 19th century and modeled on British designs. The background city is based on Manila in the 1930s.

The Navy has an obsession with pretending everything is a ship so even it’s land vehicles were painted gray, such as the GMC truck in the background. I used an image of a WC52 light truck (particularly the M6 tank destroyer variant) for reference.