The Kobayashi Maru scenario… this is a callback to Wayfarer’s origin as a Star Trek parody comic.

“Kobayashi Maru” is played by the real life Hikawa Maru, one of the only Japanese military ships to survive World War II (hospital ship, former passenger-cargo liner) and now homeported in Yokohama, Japan. We also get our first mention of the “Edojins” here, which is this world’s equivalent to Japanese.

Since I didn’t want to just give this thing a World War II military look some uniforms, like the captain’s whites in the last panel are based on an earlier 20th century uniform. It’s hard to tell, but he is standing on the bridge of the ship on his coffee mug, the Goonchfish.

For the non-military minded, “OPFOR” is OPposing FORce, the bad guys in your scenario.