The story proper begins. These two we won’t see too much of but are important for setting up the story and location. They’re Lieutenant Commander Knirschen and Lieutenant Phillip Pott, the commanding officer and executive officer of this ship. The scene takes place in the CO’s stateroom though in real life something like this is probably more appropriate for a department head meeting with a lot of people present, but I wanted to focus on introducing these two in lieu of a lot of people we will hardly ever see. It also sets up the kind of person Knirschen is and if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice the coffee mug and ship on the wall are not the same ship he is in command of now.

Knirschen was inspired by a few fictional leaders, Lt. Cmdr. Morton from Mr. Roberts and Capt. Binghampton from McHale’s Navy. A friend of mine also thinks he looks like him but that’s a coincidence.

If he looks familiar its because he first appeared as Commodore Knirschen in a Red Skirts strip a few years ago. (Knirschen means “crunch” in German.) This is because this retro-looking comic is based on Red Skirts, but I wanted to make my own setting instead of using Star Trek’s.