I’m starting a new Red Skirts replacement project tentatively named “The Wayfarers,” which will essentially be the same comic but in a late 1930s-ish South Pacific-based setting. It does not take place in the actual 1930s, it’s its own little world so I’m working on a lot of world particulars and details before I get into comic work. Part of this is figuring out uniforms and filling out character backstories to an extent. As much as I love Red Skirts, I wanted to work in my own universe and not someone else’s so I came up with this. I hope you enjoy it!

Here Allison and a new character intended for Red Skirts, Rin, are wearing dress whites, which until World War II sported the blue flap and cuffs.

Rin is a new Sailor just out of school so here uniform is plain. She wears a blue flat hat with a generic “Navy” ribbon as she’s not yet been assigned to her first duty station. Her only award is an expert rifle marksman ribbon because that’s all she could get in boot camp. She graduated top of her class in Pharmacist’s Mate A school and in her follow on school and so recently has put on 3rd Class Petty Officer. Seems too competent to be with our crew of screw ups, doesn’t she?

Allison on the other hand has been at this a long time, by her service stripes (left arm) at least 12 years. She joined at 16 during the Great War, which stretched out for more than a decade and left all nations scrapping the bottom of the manpower barrel. Hence, a myopic female enlisted cargo & patrol bomber pilot serving in one of the most remote outposts in existence. Her rate is Naval Aviation Pilot, the rating for enlisted pilots. She wears a pilot’s badge above her awards which matches the rating badge on her arm.

Her hat ribbon denotes her current duty station, Patrol Squadron No. 83. Her uniform has been modified with liberty cuffs, the colorful dragons embroidered on silk inside the cuff which can be flipped out when off duty.

At the moment work is coming along slowly, I’m in school for a spell and also moving which is why I haven’t posted for a few months. I apologize for not explaining my situation sooner, but I will be periodically updating here so keep watching!