I really wish this would happen. I don’t care if it’s directed at me or anyone else, I really hate ‘noob.’ Whether it’s because total strangers refuse to follow your clearly superior orders, your team (minus you of course) is incompetent or just because you’re too mature to call someone ‘doody-head,’ calling people ‘noob’ is annoying, un-constructive and makes you sound like an ass. There, the secret is out. If you’ve got a problem with your fellow players, just say what’s on our mind or offer constructive criticism instead of tossing out a put down that sounds like something a five-year old invented when someone took away his delicious paste.


A_BIGGER_BLACKER_PRINCE is both a reference to the Black Prince tank and one of the trump cards in Cards Against Humanity… and if you really have that handle, sorry I had no idea. I don’t dislike artie and think it adds another dimension to the game (namely random death from a distance) but I think Roach just fits as an artie guy. He doesn’t have to get shot at on the front line and can shoot from relative safety (until the AMX ELC gets to him) most of a match, he’s pretty lazy that way. Bear in mind he’s also the guy who puts the ‘team kill’ in Allison’s Team Kill. (Platoon Kill on WoT)

Not that I look at artie players that way, just Roach. Also, I do recommend everyone play artie every now and again just to learn where artie can and can’t hit.

It’s barely visible, but Allison is enjoying Tea & Pudding atop her TOG II, because she’s tanking (Whittards of) Chelsea-style. Her clothes are based on a picture of Monty. Her TOG is named ‘Dreadnought’ because that and ‘Warspite’ are the only proper names for one of His Majesty’s Land Ships. If you don’t know why, look up HMS Warspite. I love British tanks but the utter ridiculousness of the TOG amuses me to no end and I can’t get enough of it.

The coffee shop Allison & Roach are in is Chai-Town Tea & Coffeehouse.

Sorry to be gone so long again, work sent me away for a spell and getting back in my groove took some doing.