This short storyline doesn’t really have a plot, it’s just Roach & Allison at the Polar Bear Plunge. For the uninitiated, a Polar Bear Plunge is a winter event were people go to the beach and rush into the freezing cold water a distance then run back. I guess they get a rush from it or something. Personally… I’ve been shot at. That’s rush enough for me, so I’m not plunging. I’ll just make fun of it.

I was going to wait off on posting this but since winter is almost over if I’d done that it would be irrelevant. Even more so than taking the plunge in Florida, where Allison & Roach live. If you don’t know much about Florida, the joke here is a Polar Bear Plunge is pointless because it never gets that cold. Unpleasant for sure, but its not exactly taking a dip in the Baltic Sea in May… which if you want a rush and don’t care if it kills you, then there’s that. I’ve never done that, but have come close unwillingly.

Roach is wearing his sponsor-provided attire from Avtomat Vodka (Putting Down Americans Since 1947!) and Allison,not being a big sponsor shill brought her own beach ware. While she doesn’t have a bad body I didn’t want to just toss out a comic with her in a bathing suit, which is why she has on the (NO) LIFEGUARD ON DUTY T-shirt. The red flower on her Alice(-son) band is Remembrance Day poppy, rather random but a small memorial. (Personally I wear a small metal one on my hat) The bathing suit is pink because she is a girl, dammit! Finally, Phil just has a thing for being naked in public, even if he’s doing it in a polar bear suit.