Some more World of Tanks armor armour tanking tankery tank-fu fun! And really, when you’re on comms with friends, please remember we can hear your music and/or or other audible amusement going on in the background.

Fun facts & trivia:

Panel 1
Allison is dressed like Oddball in “Kelly’s Heroes.”
True to strip #279 Allison (Slacker_Girl) has a Hellcat and Roach (DJ_ROACH) has a SPG, the SU-5.
Pratt (Pratt_Duke_2525) is a redneck who loves southern rock so his tank is Black Betty. His and Allison’s gamer IDs are the same ones they used when playing Halo in Comfortably Numb #264.
The team is also Allison’s airsoft team, “Team Kill,” hence she calls them “Platoon Kill.”

Panel 2
Pratt drives an M4A3E8 (“Easy Eight”) so he’s wearing a US tanker uniform.

Panel 3
Becky is a dork. As her tank is a Panzer IV she’s wearing an Oorai High tanker’s uniform from “Girls Und Panzer.” Her comments also reflect this- “Honey Badger Team” (Guess why she chose that animal name) is a reference to their animal team names as is her silly plan name. She’s also mocking Pratt’s brilliant plan.

Panel 4
I hope I got the colors right on this, Roach is dressed as a Soviet tanker. For non-SPG players, it appears that SPGs can’t team kill. I learned this from shooting my SU-5. In a particularly bad match I was firing indirect half-way across the map and had an enemy tank dead to rights. I fired. Then one of my team mates in a medium tank decided to ram the guy, the enemy tank backed up and my round landed squarely on top of my team mate and killed him.

Panel 5
Allison is blasting the Foo Fighter’s “Monkey Wrench.”

Panel 6
Allison is more or less quoting Oddball from “Kelly’s Heroes.”

The weird stickers on her computer are ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) stickers which, when going through airport security, confuses the hell out of the TSA agent.

This location is Allison’s “lounge room,” which has shown up on rare occasion. It’s a bedroom but as she owns no bed and sleeps on the couch in the living room it’s more of a junk room/office.

She’s also drinking JP-5 the beverage choice of champions.