I’m proud of this strip for bringing in so many references to previous strips and for the unplanned coffee gag. The World of Geeks strips was not originally part of the storyline but I decided it would be neat if it looked like everyone came from getting coffee to the station so Allison and Roach are wearing their tank shirts still and you can read Cafe de Cafe on the cups. There’s also the poster from the last strip still up in the corner too and the last callback was added accidentally.

Since Tracy is Tracy I drew a liquor bottle in front of her as soon as I finished drawing her. This was before deciding on giving everyone else coffee. So when I went to ink it I realized that while everyone else has morning coffee Tracy has started drinking at what is probably 8 or 9 AM. I’d also defaulted to it being vodka at first but in the coloring phase I decided it would be better if it was more of that sweet Cuban rum she contrabanded in from Canada last storyline. I’m a continuity nerd, sue me.