The clash of titans begins! Finally, a comic where Allison and Tracy can just get sarcastic on each other!

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, I love writing Tracy. She’s just such a horrible person and now that it’s starting to sink in that there may be a problem she can’t just snark or drink her way through she’s getting a little worried. How does one cope when all the usual methods are useless?

I was a little slowed down making this strip because of the booth. Since the booth will be a very common and detailed background I sat down and drew it out so that it can be reused on its own in future strips. Usually I just drawn the panel, characters and background, together each time. The booth is modeled on the one I used to work out of when I was a DJ. It was a temperamental jury-rigged affair but it got the job done and having such a thing I think gives the station a little personality.

Allison’s T-Shirt is a parody of the logo for an anime/manga called “Working!!” Working!! is a workplace comedy that takes place in a Hokkaido family restaurant.