Castro Club was a lot of fun to make, but took some doing to get the label just right. I went through about five versions before finding one I liked. And like with the last issue: Do NOT do what Tracy’s done!

I saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend, mostly on account of being a nerd and partially because I am a geek. It was a good action film with a solid plot. All the small references to and cameos from previous films in the franchise kept me paying attention to every small detail throughout so I was constantly on edge trying to keep up with what they might toss out next. That said, even if you’re not that big into the previous films not knowing/caring about those things shouldn’t make the film any less enjoyable to watch.

My only complaint were a few odd leaps in logic such as the intended use of massive helicarrier battleships (my first thought when I saw them was, “Now they’re finally ready to deal with an alien invasion!” turns out they weren’t built for that), and some of the modern politics that played out in the story, though going in I knew it was part “political thriller” and Robert Redford was involved, so I probably wouldn’t care for the politics. Suffice to say, Cap did something that has already been turned into the next edition of Allison Grumman: Intern of SHIELD. It’ll be posted in a few weeks so as not to spoil the film for anyone.

Thankfully I’ve been able to keep on my updates since the beginning of the year but that may change soon as unexpected work and a long-awaited vacation may take me away from my sketchpad for a few weeks. Currently I’m a few weeks ahead of the game but that buffer looks like it will be eaten through quickly so I may take a two month hiatus in May or June, though I will avoid that at all costs.