I’d like to thank Electric Gecko, creator of Puck (www.puckcomics.com) for cluing me in on using the ‘envelope’ tool in CorelDraw (a fine Canadian product if there ever was one!) for contorting shirts to ‘fit’ on a character. Despite using Corel since 2002 to make this strip that never occurred to me to try that.

This strip was quickly made up as filler. When I finished the “Gone Shootin'” storyline I had less than a week before being sent out on a trip for work, so I quickly concocted a standalone that required minimal effort on my part (ie- few characters.).  So I made a strip that showed what Ms. Tracy Lynn Mulcher was doing while Allison, Roach, Pratt & Becky where out playing.

This marks the official debut of Tracy’s cigarette brand, who’s name is only half-seen here but looking at the logo it shouldn’t take too much work to figure out the full name. Their ad slogan- “Smoke Like A Train.” At one point I worked up a ‘live’ Allison & Tracy radio show back in 2009, about three years before Tracy showed up in the comic. It was part of  a skit where they were faux-shilling the cigarettes like it was one of the station’s sponsors. Who knows, in the future it may just well be!

It’s also the debut of Tracy’s car, a 1989 Dodge Aries “K” car modeled on a former room mate’s (who incidentally was also named Lynn) mobile trashcan/primary mode of transportation. If you’re paying attention you’ll  also notice Tracy has an accurate, if older, Florida plate with her county’s name beneath the license plate number (ESB 080, wonder what that is?). Rio Bravo Co. is fictional, but within the comic it is snugged between real life Escambia (Pensacola, FL) and Santa Rosa counties.

And yes, you can buy Cuban goods in Canada. I had some friends that were surprised when I told them the trade embargo was unilateral and you can get Cuban goods anywhere else but the United States. Not that I would ever do such a thing.

DISCLAIMER: What Tracy is doing is illegal- Don’t do it! Ever!