The climax of the story, it took three tries to nail down the best angle for the ‘looking down the gun’ shot for Allison. To get it for Jared I mirrored Allison and ticked off where the major points should be then drew him over the guide marks. Before anyone gives me grief about Allison’s .45 looking odd, it has a compensator on the end of the barrel, which still protrudes over the frame even with the slide full back.

And thanks to this strip Roach is now left-handed. That’s what we call diversity, right?

One of the hardest part of this story, most stories really, is keeping consistent with small details, like remembering to draw a blue arm band on Allison & Roach each time and that Allison has a small piece of blue tape on her magazine (so if she drops it she can identify it as hers after the match ends) and using the right shade of green for Allison’s jacket, Roach’s shirt, etc.

A “Mexican Standoff” is a three-sided stand off, like seen at the end of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Though that standoff only had one Mexican, this one has two, or at least one and a half. Not really sure if Roach is 100% Mexican-American or possibly half Columbian. (Tribute to another friend of mine) We’ll find out if it ever comes up in a future storyline. Itutuloy… (To be continued…)