This strip is directly based on the events that inspired me to write this storyline. A few years back I was in a field exercise using paintball guns, this was shortly after I came back from Iraq so I couldn’t take it too seriously. Anyway, my team had to hold an ECP (Entry Control Point) from attackers. Basically three of us hid behind a T-barrier (like Allison & Roach) for cover while our team’s Marine systematically hunted the instructors on the opposing side with extreme prejudice. I carefully took my shots knowing the limitations of paintballs (they lose all momentum if they hit a leaf and aren’t accurate at any range) while my team mates unloaded at the sight of a distant attacker. Guess who ran out really, really fast? Yeah. So I was stuck with them as meat shields for the rest of the exercise.


As you can see, Allison is wielding her Punisher .45. Seriously, SOCOM Gear, for the right price I will shill for you because that airsoft gun is awesome.