Is this the end of Allison?!

Let the games (and storyline) begin! I wasn’t making an empty promise when I said the wait would be worth it. This short storyline takes Allison and her cohorts out of the studio and into the field, which is why I’ve also changed formats to a manga-inspired layout. This should give more room for action and arguments in each frame. The bottom sketch is a bad attempt at doing a cartoonish super-deformed Alli that came out marginally big-headed instead. Live and learn.


Errata- Allison’s airsoft rifle is an Echo 1 M14. The blue tape on the magazine is so she can identify it as hers if she drops it while running.  I used real airsoft weapons for drawing reference in this storyline, as its easier to work with weapons that exist for various angles than ones that don’t. Plus the M14 is a very “Allison” weapon: it’s old-fashioned, big and kind of awkward in close quarters, but its not something you want to be on the wrong end of!