I’m not sure about you, but I tend to have defined character voices in my head when I’m writing or reading comics. If this thing ever got animated below are some of the people I think could best do the voices as they sound to me.

Allison………Luci Christian
I’ve always thought of Allison as having a somewhat high voice with clear inflection. Despite her size (Alli is 6′ even) she doesn’t have a deep voice like Laura Prepon and though sarcastic she doesn’t have a monotone like Daria Morgendorffer. The caveat to that is that she’s not monotone to herself. I was monotone growing up and until I saw Daria with my sister and she pointed out I’m as flat as Daria is I had no clue I was monotone. (I’ve since done voice training for broadcast and have opened up my vocal range considerably) To me I heard a normal range of tones. So writing Alli, which usually comes from her perspective, she has a full range of nuanced tones to express herself with. To hear how she’s always sounded to me listen to Luci’s Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic, its almost dead on.

Pratt………..A young Michael Madsen
Pratt sounds a lot like my grandfather who has a very deep voice, speaks slowly and always sounds as if he’s thought about what he’s saying. Mr. Blonde is the closest match to that I’ve ever heard.

Jonny……….Grey Delisle
Jonny is the hardest character to nail down as I can’t really think of anyone who sounds just like her. Her voice is somewhat low and light. She is 21 like Allison but sounds more mature as she has a lot of responsibilities. As Pratt once points out, Jonny reminds him of his mother. (Which is why they don’t get along) I threw up Grey as a potential voice actress as she and Jennifer Hale are pretty much the generic female voices in everything these days and could probably pull it off.

Phil………….Mike Judge
Phil was inspired by a good friend of mine from the aviation technical training school I attended. He had a very Beavis-like voice, all he was missing was the laugh.

Holly……….Tara Strong
Holly has a higher voice and no Wisconsin accent. She sounds a very honest and ‘golly gee willickers!’ way of speaking. She’s incapable of lying as her voice would betray any attempt at it. Her voice gives away every emotion. Tara has a good high end vocal range and I think could do that.

Rebekah….Christine Gambito
Becky was born and raised in Virginia and has no Filipino accent at all. Becky tends to speak in a clipped ‘matter of fact’ tone of voice. Comedienne Christine Gambito of ‘Happy Slip’ fame is very close to what Becky sounds like.

Allen……….Adam Carolla
Adam has always sounded kind of skeevy to me, just something about his tone and the way he talks. As I defined Allen’s character and it became obvious how under-handed he is willing to be in the name of preserving his radio station I began reading his lines in that voice.

Tracy………Tracy Grandstaff
No relation, really. Tracy was the voice of MTV’s Daria and Tracy Lynn Mulcher’s original concept was essentially an over the hill train wreck caricature of 90’s sarcastic slacker girls twenty years later. So imagine Daria but with more vocal range, (like in early Beavis & Butt-Head) an extra helping of weariness and a pack a day habit.

Roach is like Holly in the sense his voice betrays his every emotion. When he’s excited his voice noticeably raises and he speaks faster, when he’s mad it drops. He speaks Spanish fluently but on air and in most conversations he lacks any accent. I can’t think of anyone that quite sounds like him, or could pull it off.

Those are my thoughts, I’m curious as to what you guys think the characters would sound like.